TV Review – Shadowhunters

I must warn you, it might get a little tense here. I am a huge fan of Cassandra Clare books. Of course, I do love the Shadowhunters’ world. But lately, I’m really disappointed.

I still do love those books (all of them) but not so much the movie and not at all the tv show.

Firstly the movie:

I was really disappointed with Jace’ character. Common, in books he is so handsome, charming, arrogant and sexy. Jamie Campbell Bower might be an excellent actor but I’m sorry, he’s not the Jace described in the book. In fact, I liked most of those actor choices. I liked Clary (Lily Collins), Isabelle wasn’t so bad either (Jemima West), I also liked Magnus (Godfrey Gao) but not so much Alec (Kevin Zegers).
But beside the not so poor choice of actors, it wasn’t so screwed up as I expected. If you would see the movie without reading the books before, I believe you might actually like it. And I don’t blame you.

Shadowhunters cast – movie vs tv show (source)

But now let’s talk about the TV Show.

This one is a real disaster. I won’t comment choice of actors, I will just say that I like some of them. But otherwise? All the modern technology? Those prehistoric special effects? So many characters which don’t exist in books?
I get it that sometimes they will just use the theme from a book but this tv show is really bad. They totally changed the plot. They killed characters which should be there until the end (at least in books they are). I really don’t understand why to make a show like this when you change every single thing in it.

I know that nobody forces me to watch it and that I should watch it as it supports the show. But I cannot help myself. I’m too curious how much they will screw up next episode.

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