Review – Raven’s Circle series

I wasn’t looking at these books much at bookstores but my mum did and when my friend told me she has them, all three, I simply had to borrow them. And now? I read all three of them (about 1500 pages) in less than a week. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out if the book is translated to English (it’s not on Goodreads but here is a link to the English page ) and I read it in Czech and I must say, it’s not written very well but the story is actually good. It’s something new. Sometimes I had a feeling that author didn’t know what she want’s to write so she just put there that one of the character had a plan and revealed the plan as it went. Like it wasn’t palnned in advance. It’s nothing bad, just that the story could be much better.

What is it about?

It’s about a girl who doesn’t fit into her world and later finds out that she is not one of them – one of Ætlings, the race living in the world. But she doesn’t fit into the world she originally came from either. And yes, you might guess right, she’s traveling between the worlds. But she is strong, determined, and she knows what is wrong and what is right. She almost always does what’s right even though it cost her. But she thinks of herself as of healer and healer shouldn’t be hurting people.

The series has three parts, books. The first book is in the world where Hirka (the main character) is growing up – the Ymslanda. The second one is partially in our world (York in England, Venice in Italy and Stockholm in Sweden) but we also read about the second main character, Rime, who is still in the first world. And in the last one Hirka travels again to the brand new world – Dreysíls – and Rime is again letting us know what is happening in the world we know best.

So is it worth reading?

It’s been a while since I read a book I’ve got completely lost in. But this is something like that. In the beginning, I couldn’t read more than 50 pages at once but when I got over 100, I couldn’t put the book aside. I read almost three days without stopping. All three books took me 5 days but of course, I had to go to work, to the store, tutoring and other so I wasn’t reading 24 hours and still, I think it’s kind of impressing to break 1500 pages in 5 days. It didn’t happen to me for a while and it feels really, really good 🙂 If you like fantasy and the book is translated into your language you should give it a try. There are rumors that it should be soon translated also into English so hopefully, it won’t be too long 🙂

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The author of this books series The Raven Circle is Siri Pettersen.

Book 1 – The Odin’s child

Imagine that you are missing something, something that everyone else has. Something that shows, that you belong to their world. Something so important, that without it you are no one. Infection. Just a myth.

On her fifteen birthday, Hirka is learning she is Odin’s child – a tailless monster from another world. Despised, dreaded and persecuted. A human.

Someone wishes to keep her secret as a secret and is willing to do keep it that way no matter what. Confused Hirka has to flee because her life is in danger. Though there are more dangerous creatures that Odin’s children and Hirka isn’t the only one who crossed the gate between the worlds…

Succesful Norwegian trilogy The Raven Circle is inspired by Nordic mythology but also creates its own unique world where to be human means to find yourself in the completely unusual role of the outcast. The main character is not “chosen” and doesn’t even have any special ability. The thing, that differentiates her is the fact that she’s missing something everyone else has.

Book 2 – The Rot

Imagine that you are game animals in the unknown world. In the world of human, which is slowly dying. In the world you are coming from and where you hoped you’ll finally find a home. But you were so wrong. Hirka left Ymslanda to save it and sacrifice the option to be close to Rime, even though it’s the thing she desires most. Instead of that, she’s now accompanied by the hunter of undead and by blind one. But the struggle for survival is nothing compared to what comes when Hirka understands what she really is and what instrument in the power game she’s supposed to be. The rot maker longs to finally achieve freedom for thousands of years. The freedom that only Hirka can give him.

Book 3 – The Might

The dark finale of the Raven Circles trilogy will bring a fateful choice.

Imagine that you are an icon in the world of dreaded blind people. A symbol that connects its inhabitants in hatred and desire for vengeance. As the daughter of a deadly warrior who finds her brother’s treachery in exile, you have only one task – to begin the end.

Hirka prepares to meet a reigning cold world family with a fixed hierarchy, courage and despair. The girl reluctantly accepts her fate in the hope that she will keep her friend Rime alive and Ymslanda safe. But the thirst of the deadborn in the power is inexhaustible, and the war is not forgiven



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