New Year, New Start

Beginning of New Year

I know I’ve missed the first day of this year but I think that title ‘New Year’ lasts longer than just one day. So yes, this is still the beginning of an Amazing New Year.

I might sound optimistic but I guess that’s just how I want to feel. I really want this year 2017 will going to be so much better than 2016. Don’t get me wrong, 2016 wasn’t so bad itself. I got a new job in an international corporation. Yes, I work for IBM. I moved to the second biggest city in Czech (of course, I mean Brno, which is way better than our capital Prague). And finally I got accepted to university I wanted (English language and literature).

It all sounds great but every good thing that happened to me brought also something bad. But as I want to stay optimistic I might tell you about all those not so good things some other time.

I really feel determined to get this blog running so wish me luck 😉

What to expect?

Here will be no censure. I didn’t tell anyone about this blog and I don’t intend. I want free space to write about anything that’s on my mind so yes, I might write something not completely nice about my friends but at least I will write the true. Of course, I will change their names but that’s just to protect them.

Oh, and I cannot forget, all pictures are either mine or from public databases as Pixabay or Pexels. My own pictures will be almost everytime linked to FLICK so that way you will know for sure that they are really mine. Also, I will include a link to everything that won’t be my own creation (except for those pictures from free photo database).

And please leave a comment whenever you feel like it. I will be grateful for any feedback. After all, what is a blog without its readers?

Wish me luck and stay tuned :-*

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