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June – my New Year

Why June?

Regular New Year starts 1 January. Chinese New Year falls between 21 January and 21 February. Based on last few years I noticed that for me New Year starts in June.  Every June I’m experiencing a life-changing event.

Don’t believe me? Let’s summarize it:
  1. June 2013 – I moved to the UK
  2. June 2014 – I left for the USA
  3. June/July 2015 – I returned back to Czech
  4. June 2016 – I moved to Brno to work for IBM
  5. June 2017 – I moving to a new apartment in Brno

Please, tell me you don’t see a pattern here. I promise I’m not planning any of this. It’s just happening.

But let’s talk more about the last change/moving.

I had (and still have) some trouble with my roommate. It didn’t get any better. So I was looking into some apartments here in Brno to move out. And I was lucky because I found one. And it’s even closer to the center than I’m now. Just one tram stop but still 🙂

Well, I admit that the apartment isn’t in perfect shape and that it needs a little bit of care and love but I’m sure I’ll make it work 😉 I will need to fix kitchen cabinets a bit but nothing wallpaper wouldn’t fix. But it’s a great address and just one tram stop from the center (about 5min walk). It’s just a rental but still. Also based on realtor the owner renovates one unit after another (he owns the whole building with about 40 units) and mine should be on schedule in about two years but we’ll see. So if I’ll manage to stay there long enough, I might get the apartment all fixed as brand new.

What worries me though is the price. It will be really tough for me. I might work for IBM but the money could be better. But there is still a chance I get raised after my first year. At least our old manager did that but who knows how our new manager will manage the money upgrade 🙁 But I still can hope, right?

Also, I plan to find some part-time job. I’m staying in Brno over the weekend anyway and have not much to do so why not to pick up some extra shifts, right? Or some one-time job… I have some tips where to ask so it would be great if this would work out. We shall see… 😉

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