TV Review – Jane The Virgin

Today, I decided to share with you some thoughts about pretty good and funny TV Show which is called Jane The Virgin.

What is it about?

Well, it’s something like satiric comedy/telenovela.
I don’t want to spoiler you much. But basically, it’s about a young girl named Jane who is a Virgin. One day she goes to OB/GYN and gets accidentally fertilized.
Jane finds out when she passes out in a bus and is taken to ER. You can imagine it’s a big shock for her and also for her mother. And then it starts. Jane confronts her OB/GYN doctor, which turns out to be a sister of the “father” of the baby. She became quite close to “father to be” but there is also her boyfriend. So you can imagine that love triangle.

These are basically the main characters. But we have here also Jane’s family – mother Xiomara, grandma Alba, boyfriend Michael, and soon after the beginning of the show, there is also Jane’s father discovered. From Rafael’s side (our “father to be”) we have wife Petra and sister (OB/GYN), Luisa.

Most of these characters we will see in each episode. The story is told by the third party but some parts are told by Jane while she’s writing to her laptop. See, Jane is an aspiring writer. She want’s to be the author of romantic novels. I won’t tell you how that’ll turn out 😉


What do I like about the show?

I like that it’s about family and their relationships. Also, I love to read and write so I like what Jane’s character aspires to achieve. It’s funny and relaxing though sometimes you cannot believe how stupid or lame decisions those characters are making. But no character, book one nor TV one, is perfect. I like to watch it after a long day at work. It calms me down because I don’t need to think while watching it and also it makes me laugh. And to be honest, some situations Jane is going through and how she’s handling them are little inspiring.


What I’m not so happy about?

First of all, I want to say that I’m a patriot. I love the Czech Republic and although I would love to live somewhere else, I don’t think it’s so bad here. We have plenty to be proud of. And one of those things is our language. Who knows something about my country also knows that it wasn’t always easy here. It was developed in about 10th century and it can be traced to the end of the 1st century. Which is quite a time. But it survived Austria-Hungary kingdom, both 1st and 2nd WW where we were occupied by Germans and then by Russians. It belongs to the difficult group of languages to learn. But it’s beautiful and alive and playful.

What? How is this the show related?

But why am I talking about this? One of the characters, Petra, is originally from the Czech Republic. Somewhere in the story (and not only once) we will come to contact with Czech. Sometimes it’s Petra speaking, sometimes it’s another character (I won’t tell who as of spoilers). I get Petra, as she lives in the USA for a while now, her accent isn’t perfect, but you rarely forget your mother language. And the way she speaks… common it’s not Czech. And those other characters? Even those who came directly from CR? They mixed Czech with Polish and Russian. The accent is totally Russian. We might be classified as Eastern European country the same as Russia is but there is about 2000 km between us.

First, I was glad and proud that they chose Czech language to include in that show. But then, when I heard that Russian accent, I would be rather if they chose something else. And some practices they call Czech. Not even Gestapo in WWII used them. I’m really disappointed because of that. And all it took was to contact someone from CR to help them. It’s just a few lines so if they would hire some Czech consultant he/she could do it online for few bucks and it could be correct.


Enough with lecturing

I know, for someone it’s not a big deal. Some people don’t even notice. But for me, it’s not a minor issue. As I said before I’m a patriot and I like things to be right and correct.

But besides that little linguistic issue, there isn’t much I don’t like. Sometimes there is a little awkward moment, or stupid decision made but nothing you need to post hate tweets about 🙂

Ok, that’s it I guess 😀 Sorry for that linguistic/historical lesson 😀 and let me know your thoughts on this show or anything mentioned here 😀


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