Jana Kramer and a podcast?

I really like Jana Kramer and her Instagram and now surprise surprise, she has her own podcast at iHeart Radio.

Who is Jana Kramer?

For you, who never heard about Jana Kramer, she is an actress (IMDB) and singer. I know her since I was watching One Tree Hill TV Show, which is btw the best. You could see her also in 90210 New Generation or Prom Night. She’s got a really nice voice and she’s funny. She also has a beautiful, 2 years old little girl named Jolie and she is so cute in those pictures and videos on Instagram. You can check her Instagram here.

Here is her newest single called Dammit. Her music is a little country for my taste but some songs are really nice.


But about her podcast. It’s called Whine Down and here is the first episode and I really enjoyed listening to it. Jana speaks openly there and she talks about her marriages, about their sex life, and she also has a host there – a life coach.

Just give it a try and you’ll see. I’ll be definitely listening next episode 🙂

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