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OK, you got me. I recently become a food lover. I was always in love with those deliciously looking pictures of food I saw all over the internet but now I decided I want to try to actually try them, not just drooling over them.

My obsession is getting more serious every time my cousin gives me a cookbook. And she already gave me about four of them? So yes, it’s time to do something about it.

You can also visit my old attempt for recipe web. The link will take you to the crossroad where you can choose language in which you want to read it ;-)

BurgerFest Brno 2017

I  never thought that I will attend BurgerFest. But then I found, out it’s in Brno. OMG! I love this event. But who wouldn’t? How I found out about this awesome event? Well, my cousin mentioned it to me and then she sent me an invitation on facebook. On their page (link on word “facebook”) …

Carrot-orange creamy soup

Carrot-orange soup. Really? Carrot and orange together and as a soup? This might seems like a weird combination but believe me when I say ‘It’s delicious’. I had this soup at UGO and immediately after I got home I started searching the internet for a recipe. I found one on FOOD.COM and I already tried it.