Lois Duncan

Narozena: 28. dubna, 1934

Zemřela: 15. června, 2016

Pseudonym: Lois Kerry

Oficiální web: http://loisduncan.arquettes.com/

#Hotel pro psyHotel for Dogs
#1Hotel pro psyHotel for Dogs
#2Psí zpravodajNews for Dogs
#3Pes, který uměl mluvitMovie for Dogs
—-Love Song for Joyce [under pen name]
—-A Promise for Joyce [under pen name]
—-Debutante Hill
—-The Little One in the Family
—-The Middle Sister
—-Silly Mother
—-Game of Danger
—-Giving Away Suzanne
—-Season of the Two-Heart
—-Point of Violence
—-They Never Came Home
—-Major Andre, Brave Enemy
—-A Gift of Magic
Vím, co jsi udělala loni v létěI know What You Did Last Summer
—-When the Bough Breaks
Temnou chodbouDown a Dark Hall
—-Summer of Fear
—-Killing Mr. Griffin
—-How to Write and Sell Your Personal Experiences
—-Daughters of Eve
—-Stranger With My Face
—-Chapters: My Growth as a Writer
—-The Terrible Tales of Happy Days School
—-From Spring to Spring
—-The Third Eye
—-Horses of Dreamland
—-Locked in Time
—-The Twisted Window
—-Wonder Kid Meets the Evil Lunch Snatcher
—-Songs from Dreamland
—-The Birthday Moon
—-Don’t Look Behind You
Kdo zabil mou dceru?Who Killed My Daughter?
—-The Circus Comes Home
—-Psychic Connections
—-The Magic of Spider Woman
—-Night Terrors
Šibeniční vrchGallows Hill
—-The Longest Hair in the World
—-I Walk at Night
—-On the Edge
—-Song of the Circus
—-Written in the Stars
—-One to the Wolves: On the Trial of a Killer

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