Coronavirus – what to do when everything is closed?

By now you already heard about this new disease called coronavirus (COVID-19) which is quickly spreading across the world. I won’t be telling you what to do to avoid this coronavirus pandemic or how to deal with it once you get sick… Rather, I would like to focus on a more pleasant topic and that is, what you can do in your spare time when all sorts of activity providers are closed.

Check what’s new on TV

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One option is to stay at home and just watch tv. It’s probably one of the laziest and easiest things to do. And there is nothing wrong with that. But if you’re tired of hearing all the time about the coronavirus, you could spice it a little by watching some good movies or tv shows. For these purposes, there are some great providers such as Netflix (my fav), or SkyLink, HBO GO, new Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many others.

If you are not a big fan of paid streaming services, there is a way for you as well. Currently, when I cannot find anything on Netflix I’m heading to one of these two web sites: 123Movies or Putlocker. There is almost everything I want to watch – both movies and Tv Series.

Read a book

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Of course, you can pick up a book and make yourself cozy with a scented candle, nice tea or coffee or hot cocoa, and most importantly with some book. I personally have a list of books I want to read, which is actually never-ending 😀

If you don’t know what to read and need some inspiration, I would definitely recommend Goodreads, BookBub or Book Riot. Interesting is also the New York Times – Book Review.

TIP: If you’ll subscribe to BookBub, you can choose if you want to receive mail updates about discounted ebooks on several platforms (including Kobo, Amazon, Apple Books, Google Books, Barnes & Noble and other) and lots of them are even for FREE!!!

Shake your booty!!!

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Yes, that’s right. Get a little movement. There are infinite ways to exercise at home. You can search for videos on YouTube or you can download some application on your smartphone. I personally like 8fit, Asana Rebel or Sworkit. Also, Deliciously Ella has some yoga-based and guided videos.

As you can see from my suggestions, I’m a yoga fan. But there is many more different apps for all kinds of workouts. Here is pretty nice article with some suggestions 🙂

Work on yourself

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If you’re bored of TV, have read all the books you wanted, you’re tired of exercising, you can always work on yourself and your skills. If it’s getting better in cooking, baking or other skills. There are also some platforms to help you with that.

I love (yes, I used the “L” word) EdX. It’s a platform where you can sign up for an university course and you have two options – 1) paid for certificate 2) audit the course for free. Something like EdX, and maybe more known is Skillshare, Udemy or Coursera.

Did I forgot something or do you have a recommendation you want to share? Of course, there is much more you can do, from playing an online game or phone game to some group activities with your family or friends.

Just remember to stay safe! ❤️

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