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    Jana Kramer and a podcast?

    I really like Jana Kramer and her Instagram and now surprise surprise, she has her own podcast at iHeart Radio. Who is Jana Kramer? For you, who never heard about Jana Kramer, she is an actress (IMDB) and singer. I know her since I was watching One Tree Hill TV Show, which is btw the best. You could see her also in 90210 New Generation or Prom Night. She’s got a really nice voice and she’s funny. She also has a beautiful, 2 years old little girl named Jolie and she is so cute in those pictures and videos on Instagram. You can check her Instagram here. Here is her…

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    Looking back at Christmas 2017

    I think it’s time to recapitulate this year’s Christmas (or to be more specific, last year’s Christmas). I don’t know why, but this year it was missing that “Christmas’ spirit” for me. It wasn’t bad, just not so special. I got nice gifts, but none of them was a real surprise for me. I didn’t have time to bake cookies as usual, so I made just four kinds. But I had a great time exploring Christmas markets here in Brno. And I must say, we had amazing Christmas trees, both of them. Punch was awesome as well. Here in Brno, we have a specialty (I don’t know if they serve…

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    June – my New Year

    Why June? Regular New Year starts 1 January. Chinese New Year falls between 21 January and 21 February. Based on last few years I noticed that for me New Year starts in June.  Every June I’m experiencing a life-changing event. Don’t believe me? Let’s summarize it: June 2013 – I moved to the UK June 2014 – I left for the USA June/July 2015 – I returned back to Czech June 2016 – I moved to Brno to work for IBM June 2017 – I moving to a new apartment in Brno Please, tell me you don’t see a pattern here. I promise I’m not planning any of this. It’s just…

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    New Year, New Start

    I know I’ve missed the first day of this year but I think that title ‘New Year’ lasts longer than just one day. So yes, this is still the beginning of an Amazing New Year. I might sound optimistic but I guess that’s just how I want to feel. I really want this year 2017 will going to be so much better than 2016. Don’t get me wrong, 2016 wasn’t so bad itself. I got a new job in an international corporation. Yes, I work for IBM. I moved to the second biggest city in Czech (of course, I mean Brno, which is way better than our capital Prague). And finally I got…