Review – Crescendo

I found this book better written than the first, but as I mentioned in the first review, it could be just that translation. Of course, some sentences were too simple

Review – Aurora Sky

Aurora Sky   I didn’t expect much from this book but I was nicely surprised. It’s really hard not to write the whole storyline but I’ll do my best 😀

Review – The 100

The 100   I have to admit at the outset that I started reading this book until after I saw the show (or the first series), which got me totally.

Review – Hush, Hush

Hush, Hush This book makes me laugh, in a good way and in a bad way too. I read it through one night so I have little-confused thoughts about it.

Review – The Little Prince

The Little Prince Finally, I got to read this book. The Little Prince is classical piece everyone should read. It’s a book suitable also for kids. Or at least that’s