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    Review – The 100

    The 100   I have to admit at the outset that I started reading this book until after I saw the show (or the first series), which got me totally. However, I will try it too much not to compare the series because the book was přecejen before the show:-) So … not the best book in the world it is not, but a complete waste of time either. The story begins (as in the series) by introducing the main characters at the time in prison and the guards would come for her, take her to the module it is transported to Earth, along with other 99 teenagers. Flashbacks yes…

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    Review – Hush, Hush

    Hush, Hush This book makes me laugh, in a good way and in a bad way too. I read it through one night so I have little-confused thoughts about it. I like the plot, I like it a lot. Despite the fact that I thought I knew what was coming… I didn’t…. The author surprised me and I liked that. On the other hand, I guess I’m little old for this book because the style how it’s written looks like written by a teenager. I don’t know how it is in original (English) but I read it in Czech (I found it online on the web). Some sentences were really…

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    TV Review Good Witch

    I’m not sure if you ever heard about Good Witch. I know I wouldn’t if not for Netflix. I must say, I really love Netflix. He’s giving me so many awesome suggestions – of course, that most of them I’ve already seen but still… time to time he recommends a thing I cannot praise enough 😀 What is Good Witch about? Well, it starts with Cassie (Cassandra Nightingale) moving into an old, abandoned house which is reputed to be haunted by its original owner, “The Grey Lady”. And as it’s usual for a small town, people start talking about her. Some people are curious about her, some are little frightened…

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    June – my New Year

    Why June? Regular New Year starts 1 January. Chinese New Year falls between 21 January and 21 February. Based on last few years I noticed that for me New Year starts in June.  Every June I’m experiencing a life-changing event. Don’t believe me? Let’s summarize it: June 2013 – I moved to the UK June 2014 – I left for the USA June/July 2015 – I returned back to Czech June 2016 – I moved to Brno to work for IBM June 2017 – I moving to a new apartment in Brno Please, tell me you don’t see a pattern here. I promise I’m not planning any of this. It’s just…

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    BurgerFest Brno 2017

    I  never thought that I will attend BurgerFest. But then I found, out it’s in Brno. OMG! I love this event. But who wouldn’t? How I found out about this awesome event? Well, my cousin mentioned it to me and then she sent me an invitation on facebook. On their page (link on word “facebook”) I read a little about the festival and I was surprised that it’s the biggest Burger festival in Moravia (one of three parts of Czech – the best one). They have 24 different restaurants and bistros participating along with some coffee, beer, and wine stands.  I mean, common, fresh burgers and beer in the middle…

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    Carrot-orange creamy soup

    Carrot-orange soup. Really? Carrot and orange together and as a soup? This might seems like a weird combination but believe me when I say ‘It’s delicious’. I had this soup at UGO and immediately after I got home I started searching the internet for a recipe. I found one on FOOD.COM and I already tried it.

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    Review – The Little Prince

    The Little Prince Finally, I got to read this book. The Little Prince is classical piece everyone should read. It’s a book suitable also for kids. Or at least that’s what they say. I know that we had it among mandatory books for graduation exam at high school. People I know who read this book either love it or hate it. And I can see why. It’s really hard to understand it. An adult finds it written like for a child, but a child wouldn’t understand it. I just don’t where to fit this book. All those parables and hidden meanings. I didn’t mind to read it but I wasn’t…

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    TV Review – Shadowhunters

    I must warn you, it might get a little tense here. I am a huge fan of Cassandra Clare books. Of course, I do love the Shadowhunters’ world. But lately, I’m really disappointed. I still do love those books (all of them) but not so much the movie and not at all the tv show. Firstly the movie: I was really disappointed with Jace’ character. Common, in books he is so handsome, charming, arrogant and sexy. Jamie Campbell Bower might be an excellent actor but I’m sorry, he’s not the Jace described in the book. In fact, I liked most of those actor choices. I liked Clary (Lily Collins), Isabelle wasn’t so bad either…

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    New Year’s Eve in London

    As I don’t plan to travel anytime soon (not that I don’t want to, just don’t have any money) I will be adding some posts from my previous travels. And it will be retrospectively so the most recent trip as first and trips I took some time ago as lasts. My last trip was to London where I spent New Year’s Eve. But how did I get to this trip in a first place? How did it begin My friend, let’s call her Grace (I already mentioned that I won’t be using real names as they are really not so important), asked me if I want to join her. She…

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    New Year, New Start

    I know I’ve missed the first day of this year but I think that title ‘New Year’ lasts longer than just one day. So yes, this is still the beginning of an Amazing New Year. I might sound optimistic but I guess that’s just how I want to feel. I really want this year 2017 will going to be so much better than 2016. Don’t get me wrong, 2016 wasn’t so bad itself. I got a new job in an international corporation. Yes, I work for IBM. I moved to the second biggest city in Czech (of course, I mean Brno, which is way better than our capital Prague). And finally I got…