BurgerFest Brno 2017

I  never thought that I will attend BurgerFest. But then I found, out it’s in Brno.

OMG! I love this event. But who wouldn’t?

How I found out about this awesome event?

Well, my cousin mentioned it to me and then she sent me an invitation on facebook. On their page (link on word “facebook”) I read a little about the festival and I was surprised that it’s the biggest Burger festival in Moravia (one of three parts of Czech – the best one). They have 24 different restaurants and bistros participating along with some coffee, beer, and wine stands.  I mean, common, fresh burgers and beer in the middle of the city with great music and even better atmosphere? Even weather was on our site. Sure, there were few drops of rain but it was just a quick shower but it was so hot anyway… about 20°C which is pretty awesome for May.

And if you are near Brno and don’t have any plans for tomorrow, the Festival goes until Saturday 10 pm.

The Festival itself

As I mentioned, my cousin told me about the Festival but then she backed out 🙁 But luckily I have an awesome friend who went with me. We met after work at Vaňkovka Galery (Shopping Mall). The Festival is taking place outside of this mall (on a side) so we just walked through it. We were surprised that there were so many people. But the music was great, the food even better. We decided to try as a first one burger by restaurant Jedna báseň – chopped beef baked in BBQ sauce with red cabbage. I never dared to think about burger like this but it was sooooo delicious.

Then we wanted to try something spicier so we went for a burger with chili. We run to another food stand and took a burger with chili salsa which had a red bun. Seriously, the bun was colored red. And this one was also really good, but not better than the first one.

After trying two burgers (we always bought one and split it) we needed a little break so we finished our beers and went to visit a charity bazaar which was in a cafe next to the Festival. There was so much junk 😀 But I bought a book there. And just for 20 CZK (about 0,80$). It’s an English edition of #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso.


Then we returned to the Festival and picked one more burger to share. This time we aimed for some classic so we chose Classical Cheeseburger. And once again, we were amazed how good this one was. But the first one was still a little better.


As you can see on pictures, those burgers weren’t so big. That’s why we were able to try three different ones. And if they wouldn’t be so expensive I think I could do one more. But about 100 CZK (4 $) for one burger is for me quite enough. I mean, it’s not so expensive but considering our salaries here in Czech, it’s quite a lot.

I’m not sure if I could eat burgers every day but I could definitely do it at least once a week 😉

So goodbye summer diet and welcome curves because WE LOVE BURGERS!!!!!

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