99 classic movies for people in a hurry

Yeah, I know it’s been some time since I posted something … and I’m sorry for that. It’s been little crazy around here lately. In short, I got a part-time job which I just quit and I also tutor English to one lady 2x a week so you can imagine how much free time do I have. And that free time I’m usually spending by reading a book. But I miss writing so I hope this small project will keep me up to it for a while 🙂

Some time ago I got a book from my friend (as a gift). It’s written by Henrik Lange and Thomas Wengelewski. This book is filled with world’s cinematography. actually 99 most classical movies. I have it in Czech (published by Albatros Media) so I’m not sure how the original book (published by Nicotext, London 2009) I love it 🙂

Every double page is dedicated to one movie. On one page we have Czech name of the movie and original title plus the year when the movie was released and also a name of the director. The rest of the page is left blank for your notes. On the other page, we can see pictures describing the content of the movie but in a really funny way. Something like this:









Sorry about the quality, it’s from this web. But it will give you the idea how the book is written.

And about what is the project I mentioned?

I will watch all 99 movies and I will write about it. Let’s say one movie a week? Is that reasonable? And make it more fun I will try to tweet during the movie. So if you want, you can watch with me 🙂 I will always announce what movie’s on the schedule and what time I’ll be watching. If you’ll join me it will be more fun 🙂

I was thinking how to do this project. Which movie to watch at first and which one next… and I think the best way, at least for me, will be to watch it from the oldest piece (which is btw some German silent movie from 1922 and also it’s sequel) so that will definitely be fun.

Ok, so think about it and share your thoughts on this special project of mine. I’ll be really happy if you’ll help me with it. And next week I’ll let you know the title, date and time to watch 😉


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